4 Gifts for the Ultimate Dog Mom

4 Gifts for the Ultimate Dog Mom

4 Gifts for the Ultimate Dog Mom

If you have a dog, you understand how much of your life funnels through them. You devote your free time to walking them, playing, taking cute pictures, and snuggling up on the couch.

You understand, then, that you can’t buy just any gift for the self-professed dog mom in your life. They care about their doggo so much that, unless they have some other dire need, you should always opt for a gift that falls within that canine orbit. It’ll only heighten how much they love having their pet. For practical gifting guidance, here are four gifts for the ultimate dog mom.

A Proud Dog Mom Mug

One staple of any dog mom’s kitchen is a dog-themed mug. There is no better way for them to show off that side of their life to others. If they don’t already have one, get a mug that fits this facet of their personality. Go for either heartfelt and sincere or sarcastic and humorous. Or maybe get one for each.

Doggy Décor

For a sophisticated alternative, find a tasteful piece of doggy décor. A custom portrait of their pup is always a winner, but other framed pictures are delightful as well. For a subtler decorative piece, pick up some small ceramic dogs to accent existing styles. Whether for display or use, artisan plates with different breeds of dog make it absolutely clear that their priorities lie with their pooch.

A Dog Treat Selfie Clip

Meanwhile, they will get endless use out of a nice dog treat selfie clip. Simple but effective, these latch onto your phone and hold a treat in place so your dog looks at the camera for a cute photo shoot. This is the secret to adorable shots of their soulful eyes, and your recipient will absolutely love it. Also, it will free up a hand to make picture-taking easier.

Fancy Furry Friend Apparel

A final gift for the ultimate dog mom is a stylish apparel piece to dress up their canine kid. If their dog’s collar or leash needs a refresher, get them a new one. Otherwise, search high and low for a special dog tag that matches their dog’s personality better than a boring, standard-issue one.

If any of these dog-themed gifts catch your interest, find them in-store or online at Quinn’s Mercantile, a truly unique artisan gift shop in Murfreesboro, TN.

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