4 Tips for Choosing the Right Party Balloons

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Party Balloons

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Party Balloons

Balloons fit a celebration so well. They’re light and airy, and they embody the spirit of a happy occasion perfectly. Not only that, but they also add a colorful pop to any venue. Oh, and they fit so many different festivities, from crazy kid birthday parties to dignified weddings. If people come together and want to have fun, balloons often set the scene. If you’re planning an event and looking to add some flair, we have some tips for choosing the right party balloons.


An initial consideration is just how many balloons you’ll need for your venue. Do you want to go overboard with hundreds of them, or do you only need a couple to arrange in one place? The type of event helps with this—birthday parties and baby showers are good times for a bunch of balloons, while weddings give you a chance to get creative with a limited arrangement.



There are two common types of balloons—latex and foil. Latex balloons consist of exactly that—latex—and they tend to be smaller than foil balloons. You can customize them with text or artwork, but people commonly buy regular latex balloons in bulk to fill out a room.


Foil balloons have a base nylon layer with aluminum on the outside. They typically float for longer than latex balloons. Also, their metallic quality lends itself to certain aesthetics, and they commonly come in various shapes, such as letters and numbers. If you want a way to spell out a loved one’s name in large lettering, foil balloons are exactly right to make your festive gesture grand.


Another tip for choosing the right party balloons is to plan out where they’ll land. Will they fly up high or be near eye level? Are they going to find a home on a table? If they’ll be near the ceiling, consider a bunch (or bunches) of tightly grouped latex balloons to make the overall room more impressive. If they’ll go near eye level, then a customized balloon with decorative text would be appropriate. For table placements, limit yourself to two or three balloons per table to prevent overloading the entire venue.


After getting all this sorted out, make your decorations personal with a unique design. Add a message meant for the person you’re celebrating and pick a fancy font that fits the event. Go with their favorite color, or get a foil balloon in a funky shape. There’s room for creativity when picking your balloons—you don’t only have to pick through different colored small oval shapes.

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