5 Items Every Home Bar Should Have

5 Items Every Home Bar Should Have

5 Items Every Home Bar Should Have

Setting up a home bar doesn’t just involve buying booze to stock it. You’ll need many other tools to successfully show off your bar and serve intriguing drinks. Who knows—you may find new things to imbibe along the way. If you’re interested, here are a few of the items every home bar should have.

Pour Spouts

Pour spouts are great, inexpensive additions to a bar. They allow for nice, easy pours from your spirits without risking spills. The key to these nifty additions is their small air vents, which slowly draw in air as you pour, regulating how much comes out. If you want to pour like a bartender, pick up a couple of these.

A Muddler

A muddler helps you add different juices or herbs to your drinks. If you aren’t familiar, muddlers are pestle-like tools you use to crush and release the flavors of mint, lime, berries, and many more ingredients. They’re great pals when you’re making a mojito, old-fashioned, or caipirinha.

An Ice Bucket

Another aspect that affects the taste of your drinks is the ice you put in them. Make sure to have a supply of quality ice on hand, perhaps cooled in decorative ice trays. To keep this ice intact, get yourself an ice bucket—this centralizes all the ice you’ll need in one spot. If you need to cool some wine bottles, putting them in an ice bucket is a stylish way to do this.

A Bar Spoon

Purchase a bar spoon to bring your cocktail concoctions to the next level. Bar spoons are long enough to completely mix drinks even in the tallest shakers. You have several spoons to pick from: an American spoon is good for measuring liquids; the European variety often has a built-in muddler; and Japanese spoons are thinner and ideal for stirring.

A Shaker

Every home bar should have a shaker to enhance your drink combinations. These help you even out the flavor of your drinks and save time when you’re putting everything together. If you want to impress your guests and look like a pro, get a two-piece shaker and a separate strainer so that cleaning up is simpler.

If you want to build your own home bar, Quinn’s Mercantile has so many bar accessories and décor pieces to pick from. We have muddlers, unique ice trays, pourers, and much more. If you have any questions, please ask us how we can help you—we may have an item you haven’t even thought of yet.

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