Artist Interview with Leah McLaughlin

Artist Interview with Leah McLaughlin

Our local artists are a vital part of Quinn's Mercantile and we hope you will enjoy learning more about them. This Artist Interview with Leah McLaughlin is a great way for you to get to know more about our local artists and opportunities to support them.

Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Leah McLaughlin and I am in my junior year at MTSU! My major is Visual Art and my minor is Psychology, and I hope to further my education to get a certification in Art Therapy. I am a part time artist while I go to school, and work another part time job.

When did you begin your art journey?

I began my art journey in 2018 after really enjoying high school art class.

What do you create?

I create mainly birds and nature, but have also done many pet portraits, houses, and more. I love to watch birds around me and recreate them, but make them with my own touch whether that is adding a hat, different background, or even changing their colors slightly.

What mediums do you work with?

I mainly work with acrylic paint and watercolor paint, but also try new mediums from time to time.

What/who are your biggest influences?

I really like the work of John James Audubon and his bird and nature pieces.

What is your favorite piece that you've created so far?

My favorite piece I have created is a chickadee acrylic painting that is on a 5 foot tall canvas hanging in my house that I made in 2019 during my AP Studio Art course.

What is the best part of being an artist?

The best thing about being an artist is being able to work hard and see the progress you have made, and think about how many people have seen your art or even have it in their home.

What advice would you give aspiring artists?

For an aspiring artist, work hard and don’t give up. It will all be worth it.

What are your dream goals?

I hope to have a steady crowd and income from my art in the future, and I always dream of having it become my full time job.

Where can people find you and your work?

I am always working on many different things and all around town, but my artwork is in Quinn’s Mercantile, MayDay Brewery, or on my Etsy shop and website!

Thank you Leah! Be sure to shop Leah's artwork and come in to the store on Saturday, August 27 from to 10am-noon for a Meet & Greet with Leah.


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