Artist Interview with Little Owl Craft Co.

Artist Interview with Little Owl Craft Co.

Our local artists are a vital part of Quinn's Mercantile and we hope you will enjoy learning more about them. This Artist Interview with Little Owl Craft Co. is a great way for you to get to know more about our local artists and opportunities to support them.

Who are you?

We are Dustin and Trinity, a husband and wife team who share a love of making.  Both native Tennesseans from Nashville, we moved to Murfreesboro 10 years ago and have loved being a part of this great community. 

Part Time or Full Time?

Dustin is full time while Trinity is part time but hopes to be able to create and work on the business full time soon.

When did you begin your creative journey?

We have always been DIY types so we would make things for around our home.  When the pandemic started it gave us the time we needed to actually start making more items that we could share with friends and family.  It grew from there and we have continued to learn and progress our art. 


What do you make?

We make unique home décor items, jewelry, small furniture pieces, as well as do custom woodworking.


What mediums do you work with?

We work mainly with locally sourced hardwoods. We try to take a very natural approach to our work. Outside of our custom signs, we never use any paints or stains and use mostly natural finishes. We really try to showcase the natural tones and grain patterns of the wood.


What/who are your biggest influences?

I would say our biggest influence is each other. 


What inspires you?

Nature is a huge inspiration in our work.  Not only are some of our pieces designed based on nature but it’s incredibly satisfying to take a rough piece of lumber that came from the area and turn it into something beautiful.  It’s our way of giving life back to the trees that we use and letting their natural beauty live on in a different form.


What does your work represent?

A combination of our two different creative minds.


What is your favorite piece that you’ve created so far?

That’s a tough one as each new piece we make instantly becomes our favorite. 


Do you have any best practices/creative habits that benefit your business?

Making items we like is probably our best creative habit.  We have found that by making the things we love, we are excited about making them. When you are excited about making something, more care and thought go into that process usually resulting in a higher quality piece. It always seems to translate to others liking them as well. 


What is the best thing about being a creative business owner?

Having someone like the items you make is by far the best thing.  As makers, we struggle with doubt wondering if people will actually like what we have put so much time and effort into making so when we get that sell or just someone says how pretty something is it definitely makes the hard work worth it. 


What advice would you give aspiring creative entrepreneurs?

If it’s something you are truly passionate about, don’t give up.  Allow yourself the time it takes to learn and grow as success does not come overnight. 


Dream goals?

To continue growing, learning, and to build this into a sustainable business for our family. 


Where can people find you and your work?

Currently you can find us locally at Quinn’s Mercantile as well as Tangerine Salon.  We also can be found on our website and on Etsy. 

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