Baby Shower Gift Tips and Etiquette

Baby Shower Gift Tips and Etiquette

Baby Shower Gift Tips and Etiquette

Baby showers have been around for decades, originating during the baby boom of the 40s and 50s. While the premise of celebrating a little one’s arrival has remained constant, baby shower gift tips and etiquette have modernized over the years. Quinn’s Mercantile has provided an abundant list of baby shower dos and don’ts to guide you toward being an incredible guest for the anticipating parents.

When Choosing a Gift

There are a few limitations to keep in mind when purchasing a gift for a baby shower. We’ve provided some tips for seeking out special baby shower gifts that the mommy-to-be is sure to love.

Make It Personal

Add a personal touch to your gift by customizing it for the expected family. Personalizing a gift shows you gave it extra thought and went the extra mile to make it specific to them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Buy the Essentials

A personal gift makes a beautiful contribution, and so does providing the soon-to-be parents with baby essentials! Buying diapers or wipes may not be as fun as picking out a new baby outfit, but it will surely be appreciated in the long run. With these fundamentals, the more, the merrier is usually a good rule of thumb.

Try Not To Stray Too Far From the Registry

Most baby shower hosts or expecting mothers will set up a gift registry for their event. When choosing the perfect gift, refer to the baby shower registry as much as possible. This will ensure you present an ideal gift that checks an item off the parents’ wish list.

Include a Gift Receipt

Including a gift receipt with your present is a considerate gesture. Simply providing a receipt allows the parents to exchange the item, should there be an issue in size or duplicate presents. Just make sure to ask specifically for a gift receipt to avoid revealing the cost of your gifts.

Proper Baby Show Etiquette and Unspoken Rules

If you’re attending your first baby shower, you might have questions about proper conduct prior to the event day. We offer advice on etiquette so you can make the most out of the celebratory event while maintaining your role as a well-mannered guest.

Keep the Convos Light

Avoid asking the mom-to-be any potentially invasive questions regarding parenting or birthing plans. These subjects can be stressful and emotional for some, and chances are good that shower hosts and attendees would rather enjoy the festivities than get into these deep topics. Focus on the celebrations for the future baby and mother instead of veering toward touchy topics.

Do Not Bring Children Unless Encouraged

Unless specifically encouraged on the shower invitation, do not bring your children to the baby shower, if possible. It is important to respect the hosts’ wishes to avoid any disruptions during their meticulously planned shower.

With these baby shower gift tips and etiquette, you are sure to make a gracious guest for the expecting parents. Check out Quinn’s Mercantile’s abundant repertoire of baby items so you can offer a gift that both the baby and parents will love.

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