Easy Ways To Add Color To Your Room

Easy Ways To Add Color To Your Room

Easy Ways To Add Color To Your Room

Neutral tones and hues make popular interior design options, but too much can make a room feel bland. To give your room a little more pizzazz and character, you’ll want to add pops of color. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to add color to your room that don’t require much effort nor break the bank. Quinn’s Mercantile expresses different approaches for revamping your room with warm and cool colors.

Flowers and Plants

Incorporate a few of Mother Nature’s gifts into your room for a splash of both natural and vivid colors. While an assortment of flowers provides rich vibrancy, other plants can bring stunning greens, and even some yellows and reds, to the space.

Afraid of plant maintenance? You can always defer to realistic fake plants or low maintenance greens such as succulents. By adding a variety of these into your room, you can still appreciate the appearance of nature without having to worry about tending to them.

Home Décor Accessories

Equipping your room with a range of fun home décor accessories is one of the easiest ways to add color to your room. Vases, candles, mini sculptures—there are several unique directions you can take your colorful decorating process. You can commit to one or two colors for a room’s décor to establish a theme, or incorporate all the colors of the rainbow via décor to create a more eclectic look in the room.

Wall Art

Adorn your walls with artwork that speaks to your aesthetic. Large wall art creates a focal point in any room and can really make the space feel more unified. Art is also a surefire way to add some texture to your room, should you feel it’s missing that as well.

Quinn’s Mercantile is Here To Help

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