Gifts Every Animal Lover Needs

Gifts Every Animal Lover Needs

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Gifts Every Animal Lover Needs

During quarantine, a pet’s presence is appreciated more than ever. Furry friends make wonderful family additions, as many folks have experienced by introducing a new pet into their home. If you or a loved one have recently had the pleasure of enriching your quarantine life with a pet, check out gifts every animal lover needs that both owner and animal can enjoy.

Must-Haves for Dog Lovers

They are donned as “man’s best friend” for a reason! Dogs and their owners are sure to become excited at the sight of any gift. If your friend or family member’s best bud is a pup, consider presenting them with the following.

For utility…

Graphic Dog Bowl – Did you know dog bowls can be fun? Imprint you and your loved one’s favorite phrasing or a quirky dog-themed pun to a dog bowl to liven any furry friend’s feeding area.

Doggie Door Stoppers – Dog-shaped door stoppers are functional and fun. Provide the gift of convenience and elegance with Quinn’s Mercantile cast iron door stoppers.


Dog-Themed Puzzle – Wrap two passions into one with a dog-themed puzzle. Give your friend another thing to do during quarantine with a 500- or 1000-piece puzzle of a photo of their best furry friend.

Bone-Shaped Frame – Dog lovers are always looking for an excuse to show off their adorable canine! Help your pup-obsessed pal display their favorite memories with bone-shaped frames.

Must-Haves for Cat Lovers

A guide to gifts every animal lover needs would be remiss to overlook the cat lovers. Don’t just show appreciation for your friend’s cat by following its Instagram account—give them a gift!

For utility…

Cat Sling or Dome Carrier – Allow the cat-lover in your life to free their hands with a cat sling or dome carrier. A sling makes for a quick over-the-shoulder home for their cat. A breathable enclosed dome is perfect for the cat fanatic that’s always on the go with their furry friend.

Cat Scratch Post – As lovely as they are, cats have their flaws, too. If your friend is looking for a way to curb their feline’s tendencies to scratch up their furniture, consider gifting them a scratch post. Most scratch posts can be hung about anywhere at home, making them convenient for kitty pastime.


Pet Portrait Necklace – What better way to display a feline favorite than on a pendant? Whether it is to commemorate a new kitten or late cat, a piece of personalized pet necklace makes a great addition to any jewelry box.

Cat Lover’s Mug – Support your friend’s knack for cozying up with their kitten by gifting them a cat-themed mug. A unique mug can spruce up their favorite warm beverage and remind them of their feline companion while working.

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