Style Your New Home in Five Easy Steps | Quinn's Mercantile

Style Your New Home in Five Easy Steps | Quinn's Mercantile

Moving into a new house is always so exciting.  You spend hours on Pinterest scrolling for the perfect look to make your house your own.  But then you move in, and the task of making your home warm and inviting seems daunting, so we’re sharing some easy tips to quickly stage your new home.

Decorative Home and Fern Pillows

Play with Colors and Textures 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match throw pillows to add visual interest to a sitting area. Also, mix and match furniture pieces.  Painted, wood, vintage and new; they can all come together for a fun, eclectic look. Adding layers and textures can help a room feel not as flat and one dimensional. 

Murfreesboro Farmhouse Wooden Sign

Add Unique Touches

Use local pieces from your favorite shops, like Quinn’s Mercantile, to make your home unique. Mix one-of-a-kind items with vintage, handmade and other store-bought pieces.  Pick a statement piece, like a Murfreesboro sign or watercolor painting of the downtown square that represents your home town!

 Quinn's Signature Candle with Turkish Towel

Choose a Subtle Home Fragrance

Nothing adds to the coziness of a home like a candle.  Not only are they great for masking pet odors, lingering kitchen smells or chemical smells from cleaning products; they also make your home warm and inviting.  It’s also important to burn high-quality candles that are not harmful to your family.  Our Quinn’s Signature clean burning, soy candle is a blend of cotton, leather and orange leaf.

 Kitchen Decor Copper Bowls and Enamel Plates

The Rule of Threes

Groupings of things in odd numbers are more visually appealing and memorable. Choose items of different sizes, shapes and heights to add depth and visual interest. You can cluster decorative pieces on shelves and tables as an easy accent.

 Sleep Tight Nashville Children's Book

Murfreesboro Kid's Shirt

Let Go of Perfect 

Your home is a place where real life happens.  The most important thing about staging your house is remembering it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be you. And it needs to be a space where your family and friends feel comfortable.  It’s important to be you and your home should reflect your style.

If you ever need guidance or inspiration, come see us at Quinn's Mercantile located in downtown Murfreesboro just off the historic square. We are located at 301 N. Spring Street in Murfreesboro. 

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