The Best Barware To Have at Home

The Best Barware To Have at Home

The Best Barware To Have at Home

Once you stock up with the best barware to have at home, you can enjoy a high-quality cocktail from the comfort of your own porch.

Shaken or Stirred: A Cocktail Shaker and a Bar Spoon

A cocktail shaker is the staple item of any bartender scene in a show. A vigorous shake of contents in a cocktail shaker emulsifies the ingredients to create a balanced bevy. Create the ultimate concoctions by equipping your home with a high-grade shaker.

Bar spoons are some of the best barware to have at home for those who prefer stirred drinks. What sets their design apart from a regular spoon is the long, skinny handle. The long handle makes it easy to reach into mixing glasses or shakers, especially when there’s already ice in them. You can enlist the help of a bar spoon to grab garnishes from narrow jars, too.

No More, No Less: The Importance of Jiggers

If you’ve ever resorted to “just eyeballing it,” you’ve probably made a cocktail or two that was either way too strong or underwhelmingly weak. Jiggers are little measuring tools that mixologists use to make accurately rationed drinks. Without one at home, you run the risk of making some funky-tasting beverages.

Jiggers are double-sided, offering a full ounce measurement on one side and a half-ounce measurement on the other. A jigger will become your go-to utensil to ensure you’re not over or under serving yourself or your guests.

Mixologist Masher: The Muddler

For fancier cocktails that call for smashed herbs or fruit, you’re going to need a muddler. Muddlers are made of all kinds of materials, but wooden and metal ones are the most popular.

Some muddlers have teeth to really mash up special ingredients. Most professional mixologists, however, argue that a flat-bottom muddler provides the perfect amount of muddling and prevents crushing your ingredients too finely.

Quinn’s Mercantile has a variety of unique barware to choose from. With distinctive coasters, eccentric bottle openers, efficient cocktail shakers, you can stock your home with both essentials and accessories that personalize your mixology collection. Look around our inventory for materials that will take your summer cocktails to the next level.

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