Tips for Throwing a Socially Distant Outdoor Party

Tips for Throwing a Socially Distant Outdoor Party

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Tips for Throwing a Socially Distant Outdoor Party

As vaccinations roll out and the weather warms, many folks are excited for the return of a pre-COVID lifestyle. Before normalcy is restored, however, it’s best to continue following safety guidelines in regard to social interactions. We can still party—just with a few extra precautions. If you’re hoping to engage with friends and family this spring, check out our tips for throwing a socially distant outdoor party.

Choose Your Outdoor Location

Determine an outdoor space that can appropriately host the intended number of guests. Having a party outdoors will allow party goers to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while also being mindful of their health and safety.

The right outdoor spot will enable enough distance between guests so they can follow guidelines recommended by the CDC. Try to limit your guest list to 15 or fewer people.

A Pro Party Tip: Advise attendees to bring their own chairs and blankets for comfortable lounging.

Remember Masks

Ask guests to wear their masks to the event while not eating or drinking to reduce the risk of transmission. You can even bring an extra box of disposable masks and gloves to offer guests who’ve forgot their own or want extra.

A Pro Party Tip: Looking to test out your crafting skills? Try making custom fabric masks as a take-home gift for your guests.

Have Sanitization Stations

Unless your outdoor location has bathroom facilities, there’s likely no sinks nearby for handwashing. Equip your party with a sanitizing station for folks to clean up when they arrive, before they leave, and before and after eating.

A Pro Party Tip: If your guest list is on the longer side, consider having more than one sanitizing station. You can store each table with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, or stock up on mini sanitizers to distribute when guests arrive.

Individualized Snacks

When it comes to eating, avoid a buffet-style approach. You can make your party BYOL (bring your own lunch) style or order individually boxed sandwiches. Individual packaging reduces the amount of contact each food item encounters, keeping it as germ-free as possible.

A Pro Party Tip: Serve all drinks in bottles or cans rather than using a water dispenser. Be sure to have ample garbage bags for proper trash disposal as well.

For whatever occasion that calls for an outdoor celebration, look to Quinn’s Mercantile. We’re a one-stop Tennessee gift shop that offers everything from home décor to vintage barware. You can spruce up your outdoor event with our balloons or create the ideal gift bag for family and friends. By following these tips for throwing a socially distant outdoor party, you can still safely celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, and other milestones with loved ones.

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