Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Before saying “I do,” most couples partake in some time apart to be with their best friends and family. For the bride-to-be, a bachelorette party serves as an opportunity to have a care-free weekend with the people closest to them (aside from their fiancé). Whether you need tips for throwing the perfect bachelorette party in preparation for your own or your bestie’s, Quinn’s Mercantile has you covered. Here you’ll find everything you need to host the ideal night or weekend with your favorite people.

The Importance of a Bachelorette Party

With all the effort that goes into planning a bachelorette party, you may be asking, “What makes it so important?” A bachelorette party is a chance to celebrate the prospective newlyweds and, more specifically, the bride. It’s often considered a last “hoorah” before the wedding day, though celebrations are sure to ensue after the big day, too.

It Honors the New and Old Chapters of Life

Bachelorette parties and weekends are meant to pay homage to the single life. It gives the bride the time and space to reflect on her past while preparing for her future with a loving partner. Marriage is a whole new life chapter—a bachelorette party gives the bride a chance to raise a toast to the preceding ones.

An Opportunity Away from Wedding Planning

Wedding planning, while it can be fun and exciting, is often a hefty hassle for the engaged couple. Weekends dedicated to partying relieve lots of stress that the bride is likely to have accumulated throughout the planning process.

Give yourself or your bestie a much-deserved break before the wedding with an extravagant night or two of doing nothing but relaxing, reminiscing, and celebrating. An entertaining getaway will leave the bride refreshed and looking forward to their special day with their beau.

Offers Bonding and New Memories

You can never have enough hilarious memories with your beloved family and friends. Though the wedding day is sure to create special, long-lasting memories, there’s just no experience like a bachelorette party. The weeks following a wedding are typically dedicated to newlywed time, so spend time with the other folks you love prior to the day you say, “I do.”

Bride Can Avoid Future Regret

At the peak of wedding planning with their partner, the bride may be quick to pass on a bachelorette party. Though they may assume doing so saves them from other stress or that opting out is no big deal, they’re likely to look back at that decision with regret.

If you’re a bride-to-be pondering the importance of a party to celebrate your pre-marriage life, do your future self the favor of going through with one. If you’re the maid of honor, let your best friend know how special bachelorette festivities will be for everyone involved.

It’s All About the Bride

Bachelorette parties are specifically devoted to—you guessed it—the bachelorettes! Bride-to-be’s can have their ideal celebration of friends and family with the proper planning. Bachelorette and friends can plan favorite snacks, activities, cocktails, and more; any way the future Mrs. likes to celebrate is on the table.

Proper Bachelorette Party Etiquette

Similar to planning a wedding, there are often a lot of questions when it comes to planning a bachelorette party. Learn the standard etiquette and tips for brides and bridesmaids to ensure you’re throwing the perfect bachelorette party.


For the Bride

  • Discuss your wants or concerns regarding the party with the planners. If you want your party to be family-friendly, have a certain theme, or include specific guest, be sure to clearly express that with your besties so everyone can have a blast, especially you.
  • Curate a thoughtful guest list. Consider keeping your party to a small group of close friends who are eager to celebrate with you and vice versa. If someone else oversees invites, provide correct contact information.
  • Have a good time! Remember, the night is about you. Try not to stress too hard about the planning process and enlist your closest pals to alleviate any doubts.

For the Bridesmaids

  • Get the invites out early so that invitees can take time off and configure travel plans as necessary.
  • Take lots of photos to commemorate the big night. You can compile a photo album for the bride and each invitee to enjoy as a post-party gift.


For the Bride

  • Don’t micro-manage the celebrations: Leave some room for your bridesmaids to get creative and surprise you!
  • Don’t feel like you must invite every woman on the wedding guest list, as this party should be a close-knit event for quality bestie time.

For the Bridesmaids and Guests

  • Don’t ignore the bride’s wishes. You don’t want to put a damper on the night by neglecting to invite someone or foregoing the theme she hoped for.
  • Don’t share photos immediately to socials. Check for the bride and guests’ approval before relaying any goofy pics from an entertaining weekend.

The Best Gifts for the Bride-To-Be

Not all bachelorette parties require gifts, but if you feel like spoiling the bride-to-be, Quinn’s Mercantile has a wonderful selection of ideas to choose from.

Housewarming Gifts

Whether the bride and her boo already live together or are waiting until marriage, consider donning her with some unique home gifts to spruce up their space. From prints to vases, and everything in between, Quinn’s Mercantile offers various home decorations to suit any room’s aesthetic.

Honeymoon Gifts

If the bride has already dished on honeymoon plans, pick something out that will be useful for their trip. For example, if her and her partner are headed somewhere sunny, stock them up with some stylish shades and sunscreen. If they’re headed to go lodging in the mountains, consider gifting cozy sweaters, socks, and a cute polaroid camera to capture their memories.

Spa Gifts

After all the excitement of a bachelorette party and wedding, it’s likely that the bride will be looking to relax. Present your good friend with a gift card to their favorite spa.

Bachelorette Party Book

Give the bride-to-be a memento they’ll cherish forever by including the hilarious and heartfelt moments of the fun weekend in a photo album or shadowbox. Get everyone who attended to sign a brief note of good intentions for the bride and her partner.

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

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