Why Vintage and Handmade Items Make the Best Gifts

Why Vintage and Handmade Items Make the Best Gifts

Why Vintage and Handmade Items Make the Best Gifts

Do you want to break the cycle of ordering your friend or family member a basic gift they could guess before they even open it? Consider a vintage or handmade gift. You’re guaranteed to see a wider grin on their faces—and maybe even some tears—when they open it. Read on to really understand why vintage and handmade items make the best gifts.

Vintage Gifts Reconnect People with Themselves

Vintage gifts give joy first because, when choosing one, you can intentionally reconnect your dad, grandma, or spouse with their past selves. Though time passes and memories start to fail, picking the perfect vintage item helps their pleasant memories flood back. Because of this, you’re giving much more than just a knickknack. You’re giving them a piece of themselves back that they may have lost along the way to their present self. That’s a heck of a lot better than a gift card.

Vintage Items Come with a Story

Also, especially if your recipient collects something or is interested in a certain time period, a vintage gift is a welcome inclusion in the item’s storied past. Since they’re products of a past time period, vintage things spend years in others’ hands. When you shop for a vintage gift, shop for the story, too. Ask previous owners about it. If someone’s selling their vintage record player that they’ve loved for their whole life, they’re likely attached enough to give some of that story as they sell it—that way, the story lives on.

Handmade Presents Communicate Your Loving Effort

Meanwhile, the time and careful attention you devote to handmade gifts is hard to ignore. To know that someone took time away from things they would typically do to create something only for your enjoyment is truly touching.

They Each Are One-of-a-Kind Gifts

Vintage and handmade items make the best gifts for these reasons, but also because they are each incredibly unique. Vintage items appeal to people who want to keep things that are almost extinct while handmade items are by design one of a kind. If you give either, know that you’ll surprise someone simply by the fact that this is something few people in the world—or even they alone—can enjoy. That’s a rare privilege in a world of mass production.

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