Harney and Sons Fresh Iced Tea

Harney and Sons Fresh Iced Tea

  • $36.00

This fifteen bag pack of our Harney and Sons Fresh Iced Tea is perfect for your everyday tea drinking! Make the perfect brew of iced tea every time!

Crisp and refreshing, this delectable brew of Watermelon Mint boasts a summery flavor profile guaranteed to refresh and indulge. The brew starts with a base of soothing green tea, then layers in crisp mint overtop juicy strawberry and watermelon flavors. The end result is a fruity, rejuvenating ode to the tastes of summer at their finest. Best enjoyed freshly brewed and poured over ice.

A bolder, sweeter take on black tea, our Soothing Vanilla combines classic flavors to create a deceptively simple and thoroughly irresistible brew. A rich, mellow black tea creates a hearty but welcoming base, while a swirl of natural vanilla flavor adds creamy depth and a touch of natural sweetness. A perfectly fresh indulgence that’s easy to enjoy anytime. 

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