Harney and Sons Loose Tea | Quinn's Mercantile

Harney and Sons Loose Tea | Quinn's Mercantile

  • $16.00

These excellent quality Harney and Sons Loose Teas will warm your soul with their amazing taste and smell.  You'll want to taste all of the flavors.  Make sure you see our full line of Harney and Sons products and tea accessories.

Orange Passion Fruit Tea, we blend rosehips, hibiscus, dried oranges, and other fruit pieces with orange and tropical passion fruit flavors. This combination produces a brilliant ruby red brew loaded with great flavor, and no caffeine. Rich and flavorful, it's delicious and vibrant – hot or iced!

Chai Hara, a green tea version of our popular Chai tea. 'Hara' in Hindi means green, and ours features green tea with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and ginger. Many enjoy this blend with milk. Kosher.


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