Stuff Every Gardener Should Know
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Stuff Every Gardener Should Know

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This handy little gift book, Stuff Every Gardener Should Know, is the perfect pocket guide to your garden!
For the green thumb in your life, Stuff Every Gardener Should Know is a delightful companion blooming with fun facts and helpful ideas for everything from indoor seed-starting to tips for hassle-free roses. What’s the difference between heirlooms and hybrids? How can I stop weeds from invading my flowerbeds? And what’s the best way to attract helpful, beneficial insects? All these questions and more are answered for gardeners of all ages and experience within the covers of Stuff Every Gardener Should Know.

Topics include:
   • Tips for Hassle-Free Roses
   • How to Grow Perfect Tomatoes
   • How to Start Seeds Indoors
   • How to Extend the Growing Season

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