Brass Horn Coffee

Brass Horn Coffee

  • $15.00

Brass Horn Coffee is a locally roasted whole bean that tastes great! You'll love this aromatic and flavorful treat! Coffees are fresh-roasted and you'll want to try each one!

Hi Stepper; balanced and versatile coffee we can present. Whether served as espresso or a filter coffee, Hi-Stepper will fulfill your need for that classic daily drinker with notes of toffee and caramel that offer a smooth finish every time. Enjoy, again and again…. and again… and again. Tasting Profile: rich, balanced, sweet.

Christmas Blend;Make the holidays sing 'This Christmas' with This Christmas Blend.
This blend is made up of 50% Guatemalan coffee and 50% our Monteblanco coffee from Colombia. The Guatemalan coffee gives a creamy lactic mouthfeel and the Monteblanco brings a nice orange citrus acidity that will warm your heart whether you brew it hot or cold.

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