Blue Q Lavatory Mist

Blue Q Lavatory Mist

  • $16.00

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  • 1 x Logs

Fine and dandy Blue Q Lavatory Mist! Most unique gift! Get our Blue Q Lavatory Mist for every bathroom in the house and your home won't ever smell like Sh*t again! People will want to spray the Blue Q Lavatory Mist just because it's so sassy and funny.

This Shit is Bananas! How many other bathroom sprays do you know of that come with their very own crossword on the back? None other, that's how many! Scented with Citrus, Basil and Geranium.

That was Outstanding! You did it! And well! REALLY well! How do you feel? Amazing? And... um... lighter? Scented with Lavender, Lemon and Moss.

Damn Dude Are you feeling ok? Really, I'm a little worried about you. What did you eat? Scented with Jasmine and Rose with essential oils of Orange and Thyme.

Total Eclipse of the Fart You need this now, tonight. You need this more than ever. Bright lilac and amber scent.

Would Definitely Shit Here Again 4.5 outta 5 stars isn't half bad. In fact, I'd say it's borderline intriguing. Lilac and cherry blossom scent.

Magical Unicorn Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. But unicorns? They eat glitter. And, I don't think I need to tell you what happens next. Scented with lavender and basil.

Who Let the Logs Out? Who? Who? Who? Seriously though, WHO is responsible for this? Scented with citrus and mint, and a hint of green moss.


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