Blue Q Sassy Soaps

Blue Q Sassy Soaps

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These Blue Q Sassy Soaps are sure to make you LOL!  Funny, sassy, crazy--you're sure to find one to fit one that reflects your personality or screams, "that's my friend!"  See our coordinating sassy line of socks and gum.

A different mix of some clean luxury soaps with some dirty sayings. 

Each bar is made in the USA with 100% vegetable base and essential oils.
2"h x 3"w x 0.75"d
2 oz./56 g
WHITE TEA VIOLET SCENT:  You kill me, Hate the same things, Assholes, Hey girl hey, Fuck you gym, Bossy
LAVENDER VANILLA SCENT: Bitches get stuff done, Motherfucking girl power
GARDENIA ORANGE SCENT: Beautiful day, I love you can I pet you, Bad decisions
JASMINE LEMON PEEL SCENT: Hellraiser, You fancy bitch, Demonizing men, Women are from vaginas, Vibrator

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