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Awk-Word Game

Awk-Word Game

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Awk-Word Game. Act fast and shout out in the game of Awk-Word from Ridley's Games!

In this hella cool game, you'll want to collect the most chips by shouting words really fast.

So what's the 411? After the dice have been rolled, players take turns shouting words that fit a topic. For example, if the topic is PIZZA TOPPINGS, you might shout “Pepperoni" or "Olives" or “Anchovies” BUT you can’t shout a word that begins with any of the letters showing on the dice! When you shout a valid answer that the referee approves, you get to take a chip.

But be quick with your answers (like, two seconds max), because if the referee feels you're taking too long, they can ring the Awk-Word bell on you and you'll be out for that round! You'll be totally buggin, but don't worry, you'll be able to play again in the next round.

Play continues until each player has been the referee three times, and if you have the most chips, you win! Booyah!

Perfect for groups of friends, families and 90s lovers, it's suitable for ages 13+, 2-7 players and has an average 15 minute gameplay.
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