Bad Guy Blocker | Quinn's Mercantile
Bad Guy Blocker | Quinn's Mercantile-Gift-Quinn's Mercantile

Bad Guy Blocker | Quinn's Mercantile

  • $6.00

Everyone needs a Bad Guy Blocker!  Why?  Well, who's checking YOU out through your device's camera?  Not so sure?   Take control of your security with this cute, lo-tech solution to a vexing, hi-tech problem.  Tech Insider reports that "...people will get onto your computer & activate your camera & will look at what you're doing.  We see that quite a lot."  Seriously?  Yeah, no thanks.  The curtain of the Bad Guy Blocker is thin enough to be placed on laptops without impeding closure.  While the main use of this product is for tablets & monitor use, it's also small enough to be used on plus-sized iPhones.  Solve the problem for good!

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