Balsam and Cedar Candles

Balsam and Cedar Candles

  • $24.00

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  • 1 x Demi Iced
  • 1 x Demi Tin with 1 in shopping carts
  • 2 x Small Luxe
  • 1 x Tree

Our Balsam and Cedar Candles have a magnificent fragrance and make a great gift! 

Balsam and oak moss mingle with aromatic cedar wood, cinnamon and eucalyptus in our quintessential holiday fragrance. These candle smell like Christmas! Pick up one or more of our 

Balsam and Cedar Candles today! These candles sell-out quickly!

  • Demi Tin 3oz/20 hours
  • Large Tin 11oz/50 hours
  • Luxe 120 hours
  • Small Luxe 45 hours
  • Mini Luxe Sanded 2.5oz/24 hours
  • Demi Iced 20 hours
  • Tree 28 hours

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