Brass Horn Coffee

Brass Horn Coffee

  • $15.00

Brass Horn Coffee is a locally roasted whole bean that tastes great! You'll love this aromatic and flavorful treat! Coffees are fresh-roasted and you'll want to try each one!

Hi Stepper; balanced and versatile coffee we can present. Whether served as espresso or a filter coffee, Hi-Stepper will fulfill your need for that classic daily drinker with notes of toffee and caramel that offer a smooth finish every time. Enjoy, again and again…. and again… and again. Tasting Profile: rich, balanced, sweet

Termico; Termico is a new coffee from producer Don Luis Campos of Cordillera del Fuego. Campos has revolutionized coffee processing and Termico is his newest project at Cordillera del Fuego. Termico is defined by its incredible sweetness that of stone fruit and perfectly balanced acidity. This coffee sparkles and is truly a special moment for anyone with the privilege of drinking it. Tasting Notes: stone fruit, watermelon hard candy.

Koke Washed; Koke Washed is a complex coffee. Notes of lime, vanilla, and honeysuckle are very transparent, with some floral characteristics also to be found. This coffee transforms as it cools, with each sip offering a change of lens into the delicate features presents. Tasting Notes vanilla, lime, honeysuckle.

La Florida: This coffee is defined by its delicate balance of body and sweetness. The acidity is well balanced, with notes of strawberry and melon and a clean finish.

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