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Cabin Fever Games

Cabin Fever Games

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Grab your kids and have fun with this great selection of Cabin Fever Games!  You'll love the challenge and have fun while playing these great games. Perfect for family game night, too! Made in United States of America

Balancing Nail  This old carpenter's trick will stump even the best puzzler. Can you balance all 6 nails on the head of just one? Cherry wood base, 7 large nails and sealed solution included.

Ring on a String This classic folk game has been keeping people busy for ages. Made popular again by beach folk, this simple but clever concept will keep everyone entertained for hours. Attempt to hook the ring by swinging it towards the hook. Scoring and difficulty levels included along with everything you need to make your own Ring Game court..

Jumbo Jacks Jar 5 brass & 5 nickel jacks, 2 balls, color canvas pouch & 20 page handbook covering history, game rules & techniques. Complete in our new classic toy jar.

Jumbo Jacks Tin Nostalgic toy tins feature classic games from our childhood. 5 brass and 5 nickel jacks, 2 balls & 20 page handbook.

Marbles Jar Over 48 classic marbles, 4 large shooters, color canvas pouch & 20 page handbook on history, game rules & marble shooting techniques. Complete in our new classic toy jar.

Marbles Tin Nostalgic toy tins feature classic games from our childhood. Over 48 assorted marbles, 4 large shooters & 20 page handbook.

Morgan's Revenge The original historic pirate game with authentic replicas of gold doubloons and silver pieces of eight, 1 wagering top, pouch & 20 page handbook highlights pirate lore, code of conduct & Sir Henry Morgan's travels.

Shooters Old tavern shooters have evolved from marble shooting games and coin games from yesteryear. Roll your marbles across the surface to try and sink them in the ramp's hole. It is scored like a present-day game of corn hole. Complete with 2 game ramps, 4 marble shooters, and rules compendium.

Rubberband Roadster The perfect d.i.y. Project! With wood pieces, rubber bands, straws and more- create a rubber band-powered roadster that will zoom across the kitchen floor, dining room table and any other surface. Boxed kit includes a wooden car body, wooden wheels, rubber bands for the motor and straws for the axels and clutch. A decal sheet is also included to customize your racecar.

Tiddly Winks 36 winks and 6 shooters in 6 colors, wooden scoring “pot”, color canvas pouch and a 20-page handbook on history, game rules & techniques in the new classic toy jar.

Timber Tumblers Fun desktop, dexterity tumblers to trade and collect! Begin by tipping one over and catching it with your palm or fingertip. Master the basics and then move on to more challenging tricks. Interesting tiki faces printed on each!

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