Candle Rings

Candle Rings

  • $13.00

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  • 1 x Eucalyptus Yellow
  • 1 x Boxwood with 1 in shopping carts
  • 2 x Herbal Purple

Decorate your home with our beautiful selection of faux Candle Rings. These mini wreaths are perfect for adding a touch of texture and greenery to any area of your home. Use them around candles as the name suggests, or place them in a bowl as a base for decor. You'll find so many uses for these faux Candle Rings.

Eucalyptus 12"L x3"W x2"H, inner ring 2.5"

English Boxwood 8"L x.25"W x8"H, inner ring 1.5"

Boxwood 11"L x3"W x2"H, inner ring 4.5"

Maiden Hair 10"L x3"W x10"H, inner ring 4"

Baby Grass 10.5"L x3"W x10.5"H, inner ring 4.5"

Herbal 16"L x5"W x3"H, inner ring 4" 

Yellow Wispy 9"L x4.5"W x3"H

Eucalyptus Berry 20"L x5"W

Foliage 18"L x7.5"W

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