CeCe Caldwell's Finish | Quinn's Mercantile

CeCe Caldwell's Finish | Quinn's Mercantile

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We love all of our CeCe Caldwell's Finish!

Clear Glaze can be tinted with dry pigments, universal tints or CeCe Caldwell's Paints’s Paints to achieve the desired color, or it can be used clear to give a light sheen to décor items that will not be handled regularly (i.e. picture frames).  Coverage for half liter: 290-590 square feet

We use Endurance Finish on 95% of our items that we paint. It is a customer favorite for its ease of use and durable quality.  It's an all-natural polyurethane that does not yellow and is made from a food byproduct.  We use staining pads to gently apply Endurance in a thin even coat after the paint has dried.  You can also use Endurance Finish to seal stained wood and raw wood. Coverage: 65 - 80 square feet

Flat Matte is a much asked for new water-resistant brush-on sealer that will leave your project with a matte, almost chalky protective finish. You can also use Flat Matte to seal stained wood and raw wood. Coverage: 65 - 80 square feet

Satin Finish is a durable topcoat that is less shiny than Endurance Finish.  It should be applied over painted surfaces in a thin, even coat with a fine brush, foam brush, or foam roller.  This finish takes 30 days to fully cure. Coverage: 65 - 80 square feet

Clear Wax a soft sheen finish, easy to apply. The average coverage of the 4 oz container is 80-120 sq. ft.  CeCe Caldwell's Paints's Clear Wax incorporates plant based waxes that goes on smoothly without any drag.  Can be buffed after drying (approximately 24 hrs).  Beeswax is the main ingredient.

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