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Effin' Birds Playing Cards

Effin' Birds Playing Cards

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About Effin Birds Playing Cards

These irreverent playing card decks feature fowl-beaked statements from some of the rudest birds on earth, accompanied by Audubon bird illustrations from the author of Effin Birds.

Bird identification has a grand and noble tradition but you wont find that in Effin Birds Playing Cards, which pairs elegant illustrations with dirty sayings, witty insults, and a crapload of poop jokes. Based on the laugh-out-loud success of Effin Birds, this pair of playing card decks includes:

  • two rude and ridiculous card decks, perfect for playing your favorite card game or just as a pick-me-up
  • 108 cards featuring glorious full-color Audubon portraits and black and white sketches and engravings of birds saying the things that should not be said
  • a simple and snarky booklet offering the rules for classic card games

Birders, their friends and families, and anyone who relishes irreverent mashup humor will love using these colorful cards for any effin game.

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