Harney and Sons Iced Tea

Harney and Sons Iced Tea

  • $10.00

You'll love our Harney and Sons Iced Tea as much as you enjoy our hot tea bags! This package has three pouches that each make two quarts.

Enjoy a refreshing taste of the tropics with our deliciously fruity Tropical Mango, now designed specially to be iced. Juicy sweet mango, tropical coconut, and a blend of bright pineapple and orange complement a rich black tea base for an exquisite escape in every sip. With its full natural fruit flavors, it’s equally delicious plain or sweetened.

Vibrant and full of crisp, fruity flavors, our Indigo Punch combines the delicate tang of rose hips and apple pieces. The earthy tones of the gorgeous butterfly pea flower make this a unique blend. Hibiscus, bright lemongrass, lemon peel, and vivid raspberry round out the palate of this beautiful brew, along with natural honey flavor for a touch of sweetness.  *Each filter bag makes 64 ounces of iced tea.


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