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Little Leather Library

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The Little Leather Library Corporation was an American publishing company founded in New York City by Charles and Albert BoniHarry Scherman, and Max Sackheim. From 1916 to 1923(?) the Little Leather Library Corporation issued 101 literary classics in miniature editions[1] and sold over 25 million little books through department stores, bookstores, drugstores, and by mail.

Sometime in the 1920s, Robert K. Haas acquired a controlling interest and he renamed the company Robert K. Haas, Inc., sometime before it stopped publishing new titles in 1925.

Scherman, Sackheim, and Haas created the Book of the Month Club in 1926.

The Little Leather Library Corporation was conceived of by publisher brothers Charles and Albert Boni in about 1914. Inspired by the example of a cigarette company that gave away free miniature copies of works by William Shakespeare with each tobacco purchase, the brothers created a prototype — a miniature copy of Romeo and Juliet.[2][3] In 1916 they showed their prototype to ad men Harry Scherman and Maxwell Sackheim, who worked at J. Walter Thompson Company.

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