Phobia Candles
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Phobia Candles

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Phobia Candles. The Struggle is real. Ugh, life is like, SO hard. Luckily for you, we've created this new set of soy votives to burn away all those pesky first world phobias! Get our Phobia Candles for your own home or give them to your bestie who suffers from one or all of these afflictions. Two ounce candles.

  • Shopophobia: The fear of the cashier judging you for your sketchy selections. I only went to the store because I needed to buy my grandpa laxatives and prune juice but I ended up getting milk, Cheetos, seedless grapes, frozen pizza, mouthwash, a bag of charcoal, a turkey sub, doughnuts, and a new hairbrush so the cashier wouldn't notice. Q-Tips and Maraschino Cherries scented.

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