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Stuff Every Husband Should Know

Stuff Every Husband Should Know

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Stuff Every Husband Should Know; for newlyweds, happily married men, and every husband in between, this pocket-sized gift book is packed with tips and tricks for marriage.
This attractive handbook is perfect for the married (or soon to be married!) man. Great for engagements, weddings, or anniversaries, this little black book includes chapters on all the things a guy can do to make a good husband, including: 

     ·  How to Make Decisions
     ·  The Ten Commandments of Laundry
     ·  How to Hire Handymen
     ·  How Not to Fight over Money
     ·  Side with Your Wife, Not Your Mother

About the Author:

Eric San Juan is an author and freelance writer in New Jersey. He's delighted that, a decade into marriage, his wife and son still seem well fed.

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