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The Mustache Bible

The Mustache Bible

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About The Mustache Bible

Men--the beard is officially over! So get creative with your razor, scissors, and a tiny comb to fashion yourself a fetching mo'!

The mustache is back! Walk through any hipster neighborhood these days and you'll see the move away from full-flowing beards and back to the far superior, gentlemanly mustache (don't even think about a whisker-free face!). Today, the modern man uses the mo' much like a pair of raffish eyewear--to accent his face and personality.

The Mustache Bible is your easy step-by-step guide to crafting forty classic and contemporary mustache styles. Think beyond the '70s porn-star mo' or Tom Selleck's lip slug in 
Magnum P.I. (although that one is included!) to cooler versions,
including the Horseshoe, the Dalí, the freestyle, the Fu Manchu and the B-Boy. Add some serious style to your face this fall.

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