Vintage Metal Erector Set Case
Vintage Metal Erector Set Case-Vintage-Quinn's Mercantile

Vintage Metal Erector Set Case

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Vintage Metal Erector Set Case

An Erector Set (trademark styled as "ERECTOR") is a brand of metal toy construction sets, originally patented and sold by the A.C. Gilbert Company beginning in 1913. Through 1932, Erector was sold in wooden boxes, but from 1933 through 1962 the sets would be sold in colorful boxes made of painted steel. Early boxes were colored red, green, or blue; all set boxes were painted red by the 1950s.

We are uncertain of the age of this Vintage Metal Erector Set Case / Box since red was available for more years than the other options; however, we do know that this vintage find is in fantastic shape.  Makes a perfect gift for the contractor, engineer, or architect!*

22" x 13" x 3"

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