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You Know You’re a Golfer When …

You Know You’re a Golfer When …

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You Know You’re a Golfer When …. Golf is not just for the links – it’s for life.

How do you know when you’re a golfer? For starters, you might just find golf has infiltrated every aspect of your life, from your choice of car (plenty of boot space) to the way you talk. You may find yourself mowing your lawn to fairway height, or discussing how your shaft feels extremely loudly in public. You probably think sub-par means something must be really, really good, and you’re pretty sure the Dutch Masters is a golf tournament. If you had to list your favorite numbers, they’re most likely 2, 3, 4, 18 and 72, and you spend 80% of dead-time practicing your swing with an imaginary club and ball – and yet you always look to see where it went.

But how do you really know when you’re a golfer? Perhaps you need to buy You Know You’re a Golfer When … to find out.

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