3 Tips for Quick and Easy Event Decorations

3 Tips for Quick and Easy Event Decorations

3 Tips for Quick and Easy Event Decorations

Few things are more enjoyable than hosting a party for a special occasion, but the decorating often leaves you dog-tired or your wallet wrung dry. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You can, believe it or not, easily decorate for a party while minding a budget. To prove this to you, here are three tips for quick and easy event decorations that you shouldn’t ignore.

Spectacular Balloons

First, you need splashes of color all throughout your venue. There’s nothing that makes quite the splash like helium balloons. Theme-specific and unique arrangements give you plenty to work with, and they leave quite the impression for such a low-cost decoration.

Balloons serve as accent pieces to tie the entire scene together and require very little of you, especially if you buy them pre-blown up. Quinn’s Mercantile sells balloons in Murfreesboro, TN, and the balloons are all ready for the party from the moment you pick them up.

A Nostalgic Slideshow

Another tip for quick and easy event decorations is to incorporate a slideshow into the festivities. As long as you have a TV or projector and pictures to put up, there’s nothing else you need. So many people strive for decorations that feed conversation and create a fun atmosphere; a slideshow can perfectly achieve this.

For a birthday, imagine putting up cute (and embarrassing) memories from days gone by featuring the lucky birthday boy or girl. This focuses the conversation on them, which, after all, is kind of the point of a party. In the process, everyone gets some good tears whether they’re from laughter or reliving nostalgic memories.

Inventive Lighting Arrangements

Furthermore, finding creative ways to light your space is an impactful yet simple facet of decoration. If you’d prefer to host outside due to COVID-19, get ahold of some string lights and hang them over your seating. String lights lend the illusion of a cozy, roofed-in area to any outdoor venue.

Alternately, go bold with your use of candles. Though they look like a million bucks, you can easily build a floating candle that’s an ideal, affordable centerpiece. It’s just a matter of suspending decorative elements such as faux flowers in water and then topping it off with a candle. This is a uniquely warm decoration that sets a comfortable tone.

Otherwise, if you want to guide people from their cars to your spot in style, line their walkway with candles to create an ambiance even before they arrive.

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