4 Alternatives To The Typical Easter Basket

4 Alternatives To The Typical Easter Basket

Whether you're creating an Easter Basket for a teenager, friend or looking for something different, here are 4 Alternatives to the typical Easter Basket. It only takes a little thinking outside the basket to create a fun, creative gift for your loved ones this Easter.

1. Zipper Pouches

Zipper Pouches are a wonderful gift on their own. Fill these fun pouches with pens, stickers, jewelry and candy to give to your tween or teen. These are also great for gifting to teachers, college students and moms.

2. Totes

We have totes for Moms, Dog Moms, Gardeners and more. These totes are great for everyday use and make fun gifts for those who are always on the go. Fill these with snacks, tea, books and cute pillows for a unique gift.

3. Planter

Planters or cloth planter bags are great for creating a unique gift. You can create a themed "easter basket" for bee lovers, camping enthusiasts and crafters.

4. Baskets of any Shape

Using baskets you have on hand is a great way to repurpose. We have baskets of many shapes, sizes and materials. Make each basket personalized to the person you are gifting it to. 

Creating one of a kind gifts for your loved ones is fun when you think outside the box, or basket in this case. We love helping you put together unique gifts for your loved ones here at Quinn's

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