4 Essential Home Décor Items for Autumn

4 Essential Home Décor Items for Autumn

4 Essential Home Décor Items for Autumn

Burnt orange. Deep red. Brilliant purple. Earthy russet. These colors constitute many people’s favorite time of year—autumn. Replete with pumpkin spice latte drinking, apple picking, plaid-wearing, and Halloween prepping, autumn has cozy written all over it.

As temperatures dip and the summer heat dissipates, you’ll spend more and more time getting comfortable inside. You may as well dress up your interior while you’re at it. To do so, here are some essential home décor items for autumn.


Pumpkins are the Christmas trees of autumn. They also have a lot of range—they can be tiny, cute, and symbolic of harvest-time, or big and spooky when you dig in and carve them.

To get a head start, don’t just decorate with the real thing. Get some faux gourds so that you have some go-to décor every year. You can play with different colors and materials to switch things up and display them both inside and out.

Beauti-Fall Wreaths

Wreaths are ubiquitous in winter, but don’t forget to mirror the vibrant colors of falling leaves come September with a special autumn wreath. Your doorway sets the tone for your entire home, and a fall wreath shows a celebratory attentiveness to this season of change.

Wood Display Pieces

Another essential home décor item for autumn is some kind of wood-based display piece. Wood is a material of choice this time of year because it lends a unique warmth to your home. A hand-carved message or design is an excellent way to go, or you can get a solid wood frame for your pictures.

If you don’t have the time to make one of these yourself, you can find artisan-crafted pieces at Quinn’s Mercantile, a décor shop in Murfreesboro, TN.

Candles for Cozy Comfort

More than most seasons, autumn engages the sense of smell. Pumpkin absolutely dominates among candle scents, though there are many others that capture the fall experience in a smell. Leaves, burnt marshmallows, cinnamon, and all kinds of wood scents—cedar included—go perfectly with a slow afternoon curled up with a book.

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