5 Tips to Help Your Indoor Plants Thrive

5 Tips to Help Your Indoor Plants Thrive

We love our indoor plants but we don't always know how to best care for them. Whether you have 1 houseplant or 20 you'll want to keep in mind these 5 Tips to Help Your Indoor Plants Thrive.


Little Owl Craft Co. provides and cares for our live plants, and we asked them for some tips we could share with you on how to best care for houseplants. 


1. Clean the leaves with a damp cloth or you can put them in the sink/shower to rinse off any dust that accumulates over time.  Dust can block light from getting to the plants.


2. Don’t water on a schedule. Let your plants dry out completely before watering. Watering on a schedule can lead to overwatering and root rot.


3. Avoid placing plants in drafty areas like close to a vent.


4. Do your research. Always look up how to properly care for your new plant to give it the proper amount of light and water.

5. Increase humidity by grouping plants together or placing a small humidifier near by especially in the winter when humidity levels drop.


A special thanks to Little Owl Craft Co for these great tips to help our indoor plants thrive. Come in and shop the live plants in store. We also have great plant and garden gifts; like beautiful green misters, fun plant flags and locally made plant hangers in store and online

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