Best Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation the Right Way

Best Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation the Right Way

Best Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation the Right Way

Educators fulfill a selfless role, dedicating their lives to teaching the next generation. Teachers have the power to open your child’s mind to new wonders and reflect on their personal growth—in academia and character. Despite the pandemic, teachers continue to prioritize students’ learning needs. Consider Quinn’s Mercantile’s best ways to show teacher appreciation the right way when looking to say thanks to an educator in your or your child’s life to avoid gifting a slipshod present.

Offer Your Time

Sometimes, the best thing you can offer a teacher is your help. Ask how you can relieve a dedicated teacher from their swamped workload. Even if help means just bringing a few extra supplies to their office or ensuring your child is on track with the curriculum, teachers are sure to feel uplifted by your efforts.

Present a Cool Item for the Classroom, or Just for Them!

Teachers are often dipping into their own finances to supply their classrooms with exciting extras that engage their students. Alleviate some of your favorite teachers’ financial strains by gifting a fun and useful item to share with the class.

If the teacher’s classroom seems to have everything it needs, consider creating a gift set for the teacher. Gifting unique presents show you acknowledge the teacher as an individual; it’s a sign of gratitude and recognition. For gifts that speak to an individual’s character, check out Quinn’s Mercantile. You’re bound to find the ideal present in our expansive décor shop in Murfreesboro, TN. We offer quick shipping, so you can access our inventory even if you’re not a local.

Decorate Their Door

Most teachers exemplify their personality and love of teaching through door decorations. With many students learning from home, the empty classroom may feel like a downer.

Inquire about visiting hours, so you and your child can embellish their door with streamers, crafts, and thank you notes from the community. Their teacher will be left in awe when they show up for work the next day.

Organize a Virtual Surprise Thank You

Don’t let social distancing guidelines stop you from expressing your gratitude—take it online! If your kids’ school district does not have in-person learning yet, get creative when sharing your thanks. You may have seen a viral video or two of students simultaneously holding up thank you signs, surprising their deserving teacher. This approach has quickly become one of the safest and best ways to show teacher appreciation the right way during lockdown.

Organize a “thank you” surprise among students and their parents. Find a good opportunity to share the signs during class or compile a thank you video to share with the teacher, featuring their students and families giving thanks and praise.

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