Chatting with Lacey Garrett of Garage Barre

Chatting with Lacey Garrett of Garage Barre

We recently caught up with Garage Barre co-founder Lacey Garrett in her downtown Murfreesboro home.  Lacey’s business is on the square and she is a supporter of all things local!

 Quinn's Interview with Lacey Garrett of Garage Barre

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We love that Garage Barre’s message is so empowering and uplifting to women of all shapes and sizes and that they keep their prices affordable so that this boutique workout is accessible to a large audience.

In addition to putting her business in the heart of the Boro, Lacey and her family also live in a beautifully renovated home in downtown Murfreesboro. With gorgeous hardwood floors and shiplap, the Garrett’s have preserved the history of the home while bringing in modern touches. Lacey’s style is modern and eclectic, and we love that many of the pieces in her home are antiques from her family. She was kind enough to let us into her home to do some product shots for Quinn’s!

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Check out our Q & A with Lacey!

Tell us a little bit about Garage Barre and your amazing mission.

My business partner, Kirby and I loved barre classes but noticed that they seemed only reserved for the perfectly fit & wealthy. We wanted to create a place where there was room for all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds at the barre and to make membership fees accessible and not break the bank.

Our mission is to make Barre fitness accessible to all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds in a culture that places community over competition. Just call us the gangsta ballerinas.

We’re also naturally kind of goofy and love to have fun and not super serious so that is reflected in our business as well. We call our moves funny names like“the boob lifter” instead of a chest press  We also really love 90s hip hop.

Lacey in Kitchen with oven mit and kitchen items

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What drew your family to downsize and move into a renovated house in the heart of Murfreesboro?

We actually were driving around downtown one day and I saw a house being renovated and the front door was open because a contractor was working on it. I yelled at my husband to stop so I could run in. As soon as I saw all of the amazing details and character I said “we must have this house” and the rest is history! I also have always been a city girl at heart and the sound of sirens and walking places makes my heart happy. I also wanted to purge and simplify our lives and this was the perfect opportunity! My husband walks to work now and I could but I still drive even though I own a fitness studio.

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Why do you feel it’s important to support small business, the local community and the downtown area?

I know as a business owner, the amount of effort it takes to make it in the marketplace and supporting those owners is a no brainer! I also think local small businesses add to the character and charm of our growing city and I’m attracted to their uniqueness. Community is one of my business’ core values and being a part of the greater community outside of our studio walls is important to us - hence planting our studio right in the heart of downtown. We love lifting each other up and cheering each other on and want to do that for our fellow Boro business owners as well!

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Anything else you’d like to add about yourself and your business?

I also am a backup singer for Engelbert Humperdinck and have been on and off since 2003 and have traveled the world singing for him. Im also addicted to coffee & decorating.

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