Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Intimidated by a looming baby shower gift decision for your friend/relative/coworker and their beloved bun in the oven? Making this choice is hard because you can either choose something generic, such as an outfit for baby from a chain store, or go completely off the beaten path. Baby shower gift conventions aren’t that clear, and the ones you know may sound unattractive. If you really want to grace your loved one and their child with a great gift, keep reading for some pointers on choosing the perfect baby shower gift.

Check the Registry

It can feel boring but look at the family’s registry for inspiration. They want certain things, and while you can give them a sense of your style with a gift, maybe they have their own aesthetic. He or she is not your child after all, even if you’re the godmother. The last thing you want is to have the parents go traipsing off to a store to get all the items they didn’t receive because some people didn’t follow the registry. That doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flair to your gift though! If you get an outfit that mom and dad have picked, add a flashy accessory such as a cute and colorful knitted baby hat on top. If you still feel stumped and want to do right by the parents, ask them what they really want.

Choose Practical

Similar to following the registry, buy as many baby necessities as you can. Parents rarely jet to the store in a storm to buy a hip outfit or pig-themed children’s book for their child. No, what they need in a pinch are diapers, wipes, diapers, pacifiers, and more diapers. Again, make a statement with a small separate gift if you’d like; however, know that you’ll be making a big difference in the daily life of the family if you unload a truckload of consumable baby products into their household.

Make it Personal

Though it seems like we’re advocating against personal gifts, these do hold a special place in parents’ and children’s hearts for years to come. There are too many adults who still have their baby’s first scrapbook and grandma-embroidered blankets for this to not be true. So put some grunt work into scouring the internet or making something both functional and personalized for baby. You can even be the one who gave them their favorite stuffed animal that no one else can find.

Go in on Something

If all else fails, you can conspire with fellow shower-goers to get a fancier gift. There are special baby shower gifts such as travel cribs, strollers, and rocking chairs that are really useful for a new baby but are an afterthought for only one gift-buyer.

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