Easy Ways To Personalize Your Home Décor

Easy Ways To Personalize Your Home Décor

Easy Ways To Personalize Your Home Décor

Home is a space that should enable folks to express themselves. If you are looking to exemplify your style and aesthetic in your home environment, allow Quinn’s Mercantile to assist you. Below, you will find essential tips and easy ways to personalize your home décor. With this advice, you can update your home’s impersonal appearance or make your mark on a new abode.

If You Are Looking To Renovate…

There are tons of ways to change your home’s look. A costly but worthwhile way to do so is through home renovations. As you will find, some renovations call for a splash of paint, while others may require a third-party contractor.

Add a Couple Accent Walls

Feeling indifferent about the paint color you chose years ago? Not too happy with the one left from former residents? Add your own touch to rooms by making one or two walls a different color. Accent walls spruce up any room and allow for a lot more creative flexibility. Rearrange and redecorate based on the color you decide for the accent wall or walls.

If you are feeling extra crafty with the paintjob, consider chalkboard paint. In the kitchen or kids’ room, a chalk wall is a fun way to leave helpful reminders or thoughtful messages.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Maybe your kitchen or front room does not feel as luxurious as you are. If you can afford to splurge, upgrade your home’s appliances. Allow a new entertainment system to exemplify your inner movie buff or an updated kitchen to pay tribute to your cooking skills. Most upgrades will increase your home’s overall value, too, making them worthy investments.

Make Your Front Door Pop

Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality through your home’s exterior! Paint your front door that color you have been itching to try out. It will add a splash of unique color to your home’s appearance that stands out to neighbors and passerbys.

Tweak the Lighting

Test how various lighting fixtures suit your home. Elegant lamps or high-tech light features are investments that literally illuminate your home in a new way. Changing the lighting will make a home feel new.

Experiment with Different Wallpapers

Like accent walls, wallpaper can serve as a fun design change. Update your bathroom or bedroom with an extravagant wallpaper you have been wanting to try. Wallpaper is a simple way to acquire flare in your home that speaks to your personality.

Create a Designated Kids Space

If you have little ones running around the house, consider designating a space for them. A kids space is a great way to keep toys and crafts in an appropriate area. Your kids will appreciate having their own creative nook and you will feel less spatially overwhelmed.

If You Are on a Budget…

Although the results may be stunning, home renovations are not the most feasible house adjustments for everyone. Quinn’s Mercantile has provided an abundant list of easy ways to personalize your home décor that are budget friendly. Even the most minor of alterations in the home can leave your interior feeling brand new. Read on to discover which changes to make to your home that will enhance its look without breaking the bank.

Display Your Talents

It is not every day that we get to showcase artistic tendencies—but it can be! If you are one of the many people that picked up a crafty hobby during quarantine, there are ways to display your work without making spaces feel cluttered.

Using your art or crafts as home décor gives guests even more insight into your personality and aesthetic. The great part about displaying talent around the house is that you do not have to limit it to just your creations. Nail up your child’s favorite self-portrait in the hallway or show off your partner’s macrame plant hanger in the kitchen. Whichever original pieces make the cut, they are sure to make a special conversation starter and add a personal touch found nowhere else.

Unique Accessories

Find significant accessories that cater to your family’s preferred aesthetic. Quinn’s Mercantile has a plentiful inventory of unique home gifts that add flare to any room of the house. Our vintage-style pieces make a great addition to the home because they are extraordinary, yet versatile. Include a couple of our exclusive home items around the house that speak to your eclectic but homey taste.

Story Tell with Photographs

Photos are one of the easiest ways to spruce up décor in a personal fashion. Gather pictures of family and friends that spark a happy memory and assort them along your walls. Depending on your style, you can diversify your frames or keep them uniform.

Show Off Your Unique Collections

Maybe its fancy glassware or seventies memorabilia—whatever you collect, consider putting it on display to personalize your space. Assemble your unique treasures to appeal to a specific aspect of your home. Sharing your collection is a great way to start conversations with guests.

Showcase Family Heirlooms

If your family has a prized heirloom, what better way to honor it than to showcase it? Display the heirloom in rooms that get a lot of attention. Secure proper casing for the heirloom if it is delicate to prevent any damage to the treasured item. Showcasing an heirloom is the perfect way to encapsulate your roots while adding a vintage feel to any room.

Floral Arrangements and Other Plants

Plants and floral arrangements are easy ways to personalize your home décor. A bouquet of fresh flowers not only smells fantastic but is a wonderful opportunity to shop local. Research florists in your area to attain your floral varieties from. Floral arrangements make for a relaxing and family-friendly task. Flowers are such an inviting sight and can be rotated year-round to adhere to the seasons. Add a splash of color and fragrance to any room with a fresh bouquet.

Plants are a great way to bridge awkward gaps in room layout or design. You can purchase low- maintenance plants like succulents if you are a plant beginner. Plant potters are another great opportunity to express yourself. You can appeal to nearly any aesthetic with potters, opting to make it yourself or snagging an elegant one at the shops.

Contact Quinn’s Mercantile today to let us know how we can help fulfill your decorating goals. With a sprawling catalog of vintage home goods, you are sure to find all the décor pieces you need to design the home of your dreams.

Easy Ways To Personalize Your Home Décor

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