Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Bar

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Bar

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Bar

If you’re stuck at home, you may find yourself looking around and reflecting on different parts of your house. You might stroll by your home bar and notice how it hasn’t changed in years. Rather than timelessness, it exudes staleness. Well, sprucing it up doesn’t have to be a weeks-long project. Instead, read through these easy ways to upgrade your home bar—they won’t take more than a few days to do.

Get Bar Décor to Fit a Theme

So many people underestimate the cumulative effect of small pieces of décor when they make sense together. Rather than completely redesign the space, splash in some tasteful décor to draw out a new aesthetic. A couple of classic gold-framed pictures establishes a nice warm environment that warm lighting complements well. If you prefer a beach vibe, tie everything together with umbrella drink charms, some tastefully displayed seashells, and other unique barware pieces. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with nestling little bar puns all around—the result is, of course, a pitcher-perfect spot.

Expand Your Drink Menu

Another easy way to upgrade your home bar is to broaden your drink horizons. Call us old-fashioned, but if you enjoy these staples, you should stock up on whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum. Whiskey and vodka in particular are really flexible options for crafting your favorite drinks. Also, the best part of expanding your menu is that you get more décor at the same time. So many spirits have detail-rich designs that draw the eye and accentuate a bar’s look.

Spruce Up Your Lighting

This may take slightly more work, but consider making your bar lighting attractive rather than purely functional. There are several ways to do this, but here’s one idea: install pendant lighting with some recessed lighting to complement it. Installing pendant lighting will require getting the right number of fixtures to encompass your entire bar surface. Pendants can vary in size and other qualities; for example, some pendants expressly illuminate the bar surface, whereas more transparent shades will light up the entire space. These factors can vary, but pendant lighting always affords you the chance to bring something conversation-worthy to the bar table.

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