Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Forget past Father’s Days—this year will be the best one yet for your dad, husband, or both. To help on the gift side of things, here’s a list of Father’s Day gift ideas for 2020 that will wow him when he opens his present.

Décor He’ll Flip For

Though dads share their home with their kids, they really value their own space. Whether that’s a mammoth bookshelf or an entire man cave, they put ample effort into constructing a space that expresses who they are. Consider buying a gift to contribute to this space that fits their style. When you’re sure that you understand their style, start perusing unique man cave gifts for something as big as a wall mount to a gift as small as classic vinyl stickers.

Memorable Memorabilia

Here’s another option—get them that piece of memorabilia they have their eye on. Often, this is an old baseball card, signed football, commemorative soccer ball, or another sports-related piece. That said, it could also be a toy from a time gone by. Maybe they have a soft spot for those old metal toy trucks they had as a kid. Or perhaps your dad can’t stop listening to a certain band. In this case, scour online and in record stores for the band’s old records or cassettes. No matter their interests, they likely hold onto something from the past that they love. Getting something that relates to this long-held interest and helps them feel known by you—perhaps they’ll even feel a bit like a kid again.

Tech Toys

Any modern dad needs some modern technology. Another 2020 Father’s Day gift idea is to get him a piece of technology he can have fun with. For example, consider buying him a drone. Talk about feeling like a kid again—flying a drone, perhaps with a camera attached, will help your dad have some genuine fun. If your dad is more reading-inclined, a reading device would work splendidly for his quiet evenings. If your dad is more responsible than he is kid-like, go with something practical, such as a smart thermostat. Some dads get an unusually big kick out of gadget-ing up their home and simplifying their lives.

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