Feed the Birds

Feed the Birds

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bird on bird feeder
In Winter, birds are limited when foraging for seeds and fruits. February is National Bird Feeding Month and is a great time to make sure our feathered friends are taken care of.
For year round bird feeding, cylinder feeders with hangers are a simple option and are low maintenance, as they don't melt or need refilling. The Woodpecker Feast is perfect for attracting a variety of woodpeckers and song birds. If you have pesky squirrels that you want to deter, then try Flaming Hot Feast. It comes in 2 sizes and works great at feeding your favorite birds and keeping the squirrels at bay.
We also carry smaller sizes that come in various shapes such as bells and hearts. Our birdie cottages come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a great gift for parents, friends, and teachers. These cottages are hand decorated with various seeds and fruit on a wooden bird house that is a fun addition to any garden.
For those who like to have a refillable bird feeder we have a beautiful Cardinal Seed Feeder and Wild Bird Seed containing bugs, nuts and fruit. 
In addition, we have lots of great gifts for bird lovers; books, decor, puzzles, wall art, lampscards, stickers and more

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