For the Love of Honey

For the Love of Honey

September is National Honey Month, and we love celebrating this delicious nectar. Not only does honey help the local environment and economy, but there are many health benefits to using honey.

We sell a pure, local, raw honey that is produced by a variety of hives located here in Middle Tennessee. This honey is so full of flavor and has a beautiful rich color.

Local, raw honey is antiseptic, antimicrobial and has many healing properties. Not to mention that it has numerous flavor variations depending on the natural environment in your area. 

You can use honey to sooth a sore throat, decrease the effects of a cold or stomach flu and it also helps with seasonal allergies.

If you love trying flavors of other regions, we also carry Savannah Honey, which is renowned for its stunning variety of incredible flowering plants. Savannah Honey is a fantastic representation of the beautiful city of Savannah.

Acacia Honey (pronounced uh-KAY-shuh) is highly sought after in the United States. The natural sugar profile of Acacia Honey resists crystallization. It is known for its beautiful light golden color and incredible clarity and is the lightest tasting honey in the world.

Other varieties to sample are the  Orange Blossom Honey, Hot Honey, and Honey Straws

Pure Honeycomb is so amazing! It is the most raw form of honey, is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. It's a great addition to charcuterie boards.

These tasty varieties are great gift options. Don't forget to add a fun honey pot and other honey themed gifts and decor. 

Let's keep our bees in business and keep buying pure honey.

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