How to Care for Birds in the Cold Winter Months

How to Care for Birds in the Cold Winter Months

This winter has brought with it some extremely cold weather. It's important to know How to Care for Birds in the Cold Winter Months. Birds rely on us more during the winter than in the spring and summer. Here are some important things to provide for our winged friends.


When ponds, rivers and lakes are frozen over, providing water is one of the greatest resources we can offer. Put out fresh water throughout the day, or use a heated bird bath. 

High Energy Nuts, Seeds and Fruit

Providing bird seed is essential when plants and natural sources are dormant. Our Bird Cylinders are a great source of high energy nuts, seeds and fruit. 


Our Birdie cottages are wonderful because they not only provide nourishment, but after the birds eat the seeds and nuts off of them, they provide shelter. These bird cottages have wooden birdhouse structures underneath.

Birds need our help during these colder months. We have a variety of bird seed, cylinders and bird seed cottages that your birds are going to love. Providing these few essentials will go a long way to help our garden friends flourish this winter. 

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