How To Make Your Home Look Rustic

How To Make Your Home Look Rustic

How To Make Your Home Look Rustic

Rustic interior themes have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Whether you’re looking to stand out with a natural feel in a city apartment or align with surrounding nature in your countryside home, you can easily accomplish a rustic look. Discover how to make your home look rustic and inviting, without accidentally creating a full-blown log cabin.

Wood Beams

Many interior designers use wood indoors to give homes a warm, natural appearance. Wooden textures provide interiors with character that is the perfect balance of easygoing and polished.

Wood beams give any room a subtle countryside charm. They can emphasize unique architectural design in your home and make its structure stand out. Wide or high ceiling rooms, such as the living room or kitchen, are optimal locations for wood beams.

Repurposed Antiques

Add some vintage accessories around your home to give rooms a rustic touch. There’s something enticingly homely about repurposed or repolished furnishings. Salvaging your old furniture is a budget-friendly way to achieve a rustic look that’s also quite sustainable.

You’ll likely find that different areas of your home are most conducive to repurposed antiques. For example, you may be able to work an old-fashioned dresser into your bedroom’s design. The refurbishing you do will also depend on your secondhand shop finds.

Upgrade a shabby bar cart by buffing and polishing it, topping it off with vintage bar accessories and décor. Replace a large mirror’s tacky frame with an elegant wooden frame to go anywhere in the house. With patience and creativity, you can make just about any fixture work with your desired aesthetic.

Natural Color Palette

One of the most important qualities to understanding how to make your home look rustic is maintaining a natural color palette. Rustic style is all about using natural materials to create an earthy feel, and you’ll want the hues of your walls to reflect this. Browns, muted greens and yellows, and warm grays are popular in country-style abodes.

Odds and Ends

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