National Hot Tea Month

National Hot Tea Month

woman holding hot tea


In January we celebrate National Hot Tea Month. It's the perfect time to cozy up with a hot mug of your favorite blend. We have a great selection of teas and tea accessories that you are sure to love. 

We carry a large selection of Harney & Sons Tea blends. This tea remains one of our best sellers and you'll love the choices we have to offer.

If you prefer pouring your tea from a teapot, we have some beautiful options that will take your tea drinking to the next level. 

Add a little sweetness to your mug with honey, honey straws, dippers, and honey pots.

We have a large array of mugs that will suit any tastes while you savor the moment with a hot tea in your hands, and fun tea accessories like teabag plates and spoon rests.

Don't you just love a hot cup of tea on a cold day? These also make great gifts for your tea loving friends. Be sure to make the most of January's National Hot Tea Month.


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