Our Best Selling Products

Our Best Selling Products

best selling products


We have such a large variety of products, but there are some that are customer favorites. Have you ever wondered which of our many products are the best sellers? 

Marcy Jams are always on our best-seller list. These jams are made locally and with local ingredients, and in small batches. We have the largest selection of Marcy Jams in Murfreesboro. 

Other favorites include our women's and men's sassy socks, pouches, oven mitts, dish towels, gum and lavatory spray. These make great gifts and we have many returning customers looking for these items regularly.

Harney & Sons are a staple in our store. We carry all types of hot tea blends, as well as specialty blends, and ice tea blends. We carry seasonal flavors that people come back for each year. 

Frozen Cocktail Slush Mix and Cracker Smack Mixes are recent additions to our store. These have been a huge hit and we keep reordering. We recently added the Seasoned Nut Smack and they are going to be a huge hit at your next party or just when you need a snack.

Another new item to us this year has been our Bird Seed CottagesCylinders, and Wild Bird Seed. We love it when customers return to the store to buy more, telling us the birds just love them. These are also another great gift idea! Don't forget that birds need seeds during the cooler months too.

Vintage puzzles also make the top of the list. We carry 30 different styles to choose from. They make great gifts and you'll want to go ahead and grab a few (we sell through a lot of these during the holidays). 

Let's not leave the guys out of this list. Men (and the women in their lives) love Duke Cannon products. They are fun, masculine, and a fan favorite. We carry their soaps, cologne, hand soap, travel sizes, body wash, beard wash, and much more!

We have lots of new items coming in the store daily and we don't want you to miss out. But these Best Sellers are reliably good and our customers keep coming back for more!

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